Official Stats

Some interesting facts and results from recent BACD surveys.

The following are quick facts and highlights from the BACD survey in November 2007.

A third of the population (32%) say they are ‘concerned by the look of their teeth’

Approximately one fifth of people (18%) ‘usually conceal their teeth in photos’, including 19% of men and nearly a quarter of both 18-24 and 25-34 year-olds

Only one in four people agree with the statement ‘I like my smile and would not change it’, and in fact, less claim to ‘always smile in photos’ than last year – down to 20% from 27%

Over half of the representative sample now claims to visit their dentist regularly, a rise of 5% on last year (53% up from 48%)

Nearly 60% of women visit the dentist regularly, above average and significantly more than men do - only 46% of males visit the dentist regularly

Women are more inclined to believe a nice smile indicates a warm personality, whilst men consider it begets more success in life

Over a quarter (27%) continues to believes that cosmetic dentistry can improve quality of life

Who's your most liked smile? Find out what the majority of those surveyed said.

Most liked celebrity smile.

Kylie Minogue ranks as having the most popular smile out of the female contestants, with 22% of the vote

George Clooney was a clear winner of the best male smile, with 29% of the votes