The BACD Charter

The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has designed a Charter. The aim of this Charter is to aid in the ethical and clinical standards expected of BACD members.

The Charter has been constructed for both the protection of the Academy and its members.

The BACD expects all members:
  • to ensure they uphold and adhere to the BACD constitution
  • to ensure clinical work published in association with the BACD is of good standing and representative of our philosophy
  • to ensure that they receive comprehensive training for a particular procedure, before such procedure is carried out
  • to ensure that patients receive a comprehensive treatment plan, including advantages, disadvantages and costings of each option, clearly explained, in order for informed consent to be obtained
  • to be aware when to refer, should case requirements be in excess of their current skill set
  • to ensure they continually update their skills and clinical decision-making in the interests of their patients, and the BACD